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James Robson

James Robson - CEO

James set up FX-Match in 2010. He struggled to get a fair and transparent rate for 60,000 EUR he needed converted back into GBP. When he realised there wasn’t a single company out there who showed the mid-market rate, the idea for FX-Match was born. Now, he oversees the expansion of the business from a niche Scottish player to a national (and shortly international) platform. With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services sector James is also the CEO for RM Capital Markets, a leading fixed income brokerage based in Edinburgh. James lives in rural Berwickshire with his family.

Dawn Baker-Wilson

Dawn Baker-Wilson - Business Manager

Dawn is the Business Manager at FX-Match; she has overall responsibility for Finance, HR and Administration. Her primary objective is to ensure the FX-Match team provide a consistent and high level of service to clients. She works closely with the team and partners to ensure a fair and consistent price for all transactions as well as managing the on boarding and compliance processes. Dawn has put in place all the regulatory and administrative procedures for the business and continues to develop these as the business grows.

Prior to joining FX Match, Dawn worked for RM Capital Markets Limited, an FCA regulated business, where she had a broad remit of responsibility ranging from the office management to working closely with compliance and the senior management team. Furthermore, Dawn was instrumental in the implementation of a bespoke order management system and uses this experience to help develop the IT footprint at FX-Match.

Dawn loves animals and swimming and has competed for Scotland in both show jumping and swimming events.

Jamil Jaoui

Jamil Jaoui - Business Development Manager

Jamil is the Business Development Manager, reporting direct to the Head of Business Development.  His main role is to unearth new opportunities within the foreign exchange marketplace and tailor solutions to meet individual client requirements.  Jamil has extensive experience as a Business Development Manager and since joining the business in September 2014 has established himself as an integral part of the team.

Harry Geller

Harry Geller - Head of client trading

Harry heads up the FX-Match dealing desk in London and is responsible for the trade booking process. In addition, he advises the larger corporate accounts on treasury management and hedging strategies. Before FX Match Harry was in charge of the trading desk for 2 other large brokerages and still actively advises brokers on how to manage their businesses. A keen market watcher, Harry has been interviewed on CNBC and produced many opinion pieces on fx strategy for both trade and national media, most recently the Guardian. Outside of the office he plays a relatively unknown sport called Ultiumate Frisbee and has represented Great Britain at both European and World level.

Pietro Nicholls

Pietro Nicholls - Head of Treasury Services

Pietro runs the Primary Capital Markets and Advisory team at RM Capital Markets, the lead fixed income brokerage based in London and Edinburgh. The team provides fund raising services and treasury advice to FX-Match clients who wish to hedge their currency exposure.

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EURCHF 1.02922 i kid you not -17 points as SNB scraps the 1.2 Cap #fxmatch


EURGBP .76722 GBPEUR 1.3033 GBPUSD 1.5251 wholesale rate #fxmatch

9 Jan 15

GBPEUR 1.2819 EURGBP .7801 GBPUSD 1.5146 wholesale rates on the main pairs // #fxmatch

6 Jan 15

wholesale rates GBPEUR 1.2776 EURGBP .78282 GBPUSD 1.5192 #fxmatch


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