What is the mid-market rate?

The mid-market rate is also known as the market rate or inter-bank rate and is derived from the mid-point between the “buy” and “sell” rates from global currency markets.

What do you mean by a transparent rate?

We will always display both the rate at which we transact in the wholesale market, and the rate at which we transact with you, the client. We show you the mark-up we are offering so that you can be confident we are quoting a competitive and consistent price.

How safe is my money?

Security of client funds is paramount to us. All transactions are sent to a secure client account at Barclays Bank. Furthermore, The Currency Cloud are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the payment services regulation 2009 for the provision of payment services, by HMRC as a Money Services Business and with the UK Data Protection Act.


Which currencies can I transact in?

The following currencies can be converted using our online platform or over the phone:

Country Currency
Australian Dollar AUD
British Pound GBP
Canadian Dollar CAD
Czech Koruna CZK
Danish Krone DKK
Emirati Dirham AED
Euro EUR
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
Hungarian Forint HUF
Israeli Sheket ILS
Japanese Yen JPY
Lithuanian Litas LTL
Mexican Peso MXN
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Norwegian Krone NOK
Polish Zloty PLN
Romanian New Leu RON
Singapore Dollar SGD
South African Rand ZAR
Swedish Krona SEK
Swiss Frank CHF
Thai Baht THB
Turkish Lira TRY
United States Dollar USD

The following currencies can only be transacted over the phone:


In order to meet anti-money laundering and sanction screening requirements, currently TCC cannot make payment to the following countries:

Afghanistan Ivory Coast
Belarus Liberia
Burma / Myanmar North Korea
Cuba Sudan
Democratic Republic of Congo Syria
Iran Zimbabwe
Iraq South Sudan

*Please note the above countries are subject to change, refer to your relationship manager for real time updates on restricted countries.


What do you mean by a spot transaction?

Spot trades are carried out for trades with a value date of today plus two days (T+2); e can also do same day and next day delivery. Your delivery date is flexible and the rate we charge is not dependant on the delivery date. With a spot transaction we will pay you your funds on the same day of settlement.

What do you mean by a forward transaction?

A forward transaction allows you to ‘lock in’ the exchange rate when it is most beneficial to you providing you have a future delivery date. This service can help protect businesses from adverse market movements and can reduce the risk your business is exposed to. We take a small deposit of 3-5% for forward transactions.

What is a Market Order?

A market order allows you the opportunity to achieve a target price without spending the required time watching the market. Once you have specified your rate, your broker will watch the market and execute your transaction as soon as the market reaches your specified level. 


How secure is your on-line platform?

Our online platform has ‘bank-grade’ levels of security. Our security processes and controls are fully comprehensive, with key highlights as follows:

  • Physical Security – the services operates form multiple high security Tier 4 Data Centres used by banks and other financial institutions.

  • Network Security – Firewalls are managed by dedicated staff and undergo regular third party penetration tests to ensure the service is secure.

  • Encryption – all network traffic is encrypted and all sensitive customer data is also stored in encrypted format.

  • Data separation – the use of multi-tenant architecture to ensure all customer data is stored separately form one another.

  • Strong Access Control – we assign unique ID’s to each individual and require two step authentication for all access.

I have forgotten my log in and/or password

If you have forgotten your log in or password please contact the team on 0131 603 7050.


What is your relationship with The Currency Cloud?
FX-Match is a trading name of The Currency Cloud Limited. The Currency Cloud Limited is the regulated entity who provides a managed technology solution as well the international payments service to FX Match.

Private Clients

How do I become a Private Client?

To open an account with us you have to complete our application form. This can be done on-line or by downloading and printing the form. Within the application form is our terms and conditions and we encourage all of our clients to read these thoroughly to ensure you are happy and understand them. If you are a UK resident we can usually verify your identity electronically. If this is not possible, we will require you to send:

  • A copy of your passport and driving licence
  • A copy of a recent bank statement or a utility bill issued within the past three months.

Once all information has been received it should take us no more than 1 hour before you can place your first trade. 

Corporate Clients

How do I become a Corporate Client?

Please complete a corporate account application form either online or by downloading and printing the form from our website. We are required to verify the identification of two directors of the company (i.e. the ones who sign the application form). If unable to do this electronically, we will require:

  • A copy of their passport and driving licence
  • A copy of a recent bank statement or a utility bill issued within the past three months.

If you are a relatively new incorporated company we may also ask to see your financials, your certificate of incorporation and a copy of your annual return.

Once all information has been received it should take us no more than 1 hour before you can place your first trade. 

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